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Posted:Hi Kids,

Stae and myself are flying out to Sydney tomorrow morning to perform with the Crusty Demons Global Assault Tour and we need to find some Shellsol-T/TK, Pegasol 3440 or Firesol/water in the Sydney area, as close as possible to the Sydney Superdome in a real hurry and we were hoping someone with local knowledge could help us.

Please reply here as quickly as possible or send me an email to draevon@incendium.org.


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Posted:Tim i'll check out a couple of places tonight .

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Posted:Thanks Mr Grubiln

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Posted:Todays Sydney Herald.....


Have a great show!

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Posted:ahh plantgirlll you beat me to it!

nice photo draevon, good one

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all nice sydney spinner types, need some help getting some shellsol/firewater in the sydney area. thought a nice local might be able to point me in the right direction...

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Posted:is that luke i met at uberoz/rainbow? if your in the area let me know & we should catch up for a beer smile.

however if youre not, u should pop down to one of the Sydney Events, and maybe have a beer anyway smile

i havent ever got around to sourcing it locally. a couple of years back in my breathing days my crew normally just got bought it in bulk on line at www.juggleart.com which is a melbourne based store that will courier it up to you.

Although if only after small quantities say under a couple of litres - i might be able to scab some off a mate.

be safe. hug

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