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Posted:United Nations Millennium Declaration, does anyone still remenber about it?

The Millennium Declaration is a United Nations resolution, adopted at the 8th plenary of the Millennium Summit meeting on September 8, 2000, with eight major development goals. The implementation of the Declaration was reviewed at the September 2005 World Summit.

These Millennium Development Goals have been the center of controversy on part of the feasibility and commitment of international long term aid efforts in the early 21st century.

This declaration was signed by 191 states, and the main idea of it was to finish with the extreme poverty by the year 2015.
We are in 2007, lets see how it goes,..

The millennium declaration has 8 main objectives:

1-Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger:

- 1.200 million people lives with less than 1 dollar a day.
- 800 million people suffer of hunger every day.
- 28.000 children die every day from sicknesses related to poverty.
The general Secretary from the FAO declarated; that following the path we are going in this objective wont be achieved till 2050.

2-Achieve Universal primary education:
All children will be able to finish the full primary school by the year 2015.

- 115 million children dont go to school, being the 56% of them girls, and the 94% of the inhabitants from non-developed countries.
- 133 million of young people doesnt know how to read or write.
Africa wont achieve this objective till 2150.

3-Promote gender equality and empower women :

- 2/3 of the illiterate people in the world are women.
- Women represent half of the 40 million people infected by AIDS in the world.

4-Reduce child mortality :
Reduce child mortality in 2/3 for children under the age of 5.

- In "non-developed" countries 1 from every 10 children dies before the age of 5. In developed countries 1 from every 143.
- Every year more than 11 million children (under the age of 5) dies from comun diseases like: diarrea, paludism, undernourished,..
Keeping this tendencies this wont be possible till 2045. That means 41 MILLION CHILDREN MORE WILL DIE.

5-Improve maternal health :
To reduce mother mortality by 3/4 for 2015.

- More than 50 million women have diseases and injuries derived from pregnancy.
- More than 500 thousand women ( 99% from "non-developed" countries) die every year from problems during pregnancy and childbirth.

6-Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases :

Today in our world;
- HIV infected 4.1 million people during 2005.
- Around 15 million children lost one or both parents from HIV.
- Around 40% of the world population ( mostly the ones living in the poorest countries) have the risk to acquire malaria.
- In 2002, 2 million people died of tuberculosis.
- Every second one person gets infected by the tuberculosis bacillus .
Just the 60% of the funds that were promised to the Subsaharian Africa have arrived

7-Ensure environmental sustainability :
To incorporate sustainable development principles and reduce to half the amount of people that cannot dispose of drinking water and basic sanitation for 2015.

- Forests are vanishing so fast.
- The fisherman crisis coming from the lack of fish at some comunities.
- More than 2.400 million people cannot access to basic sanitation and 1.000 million people doesnt have access to drinking water.
- Aproximately 5 million people -99% children- dies every year because of bad quality water.
The consecuenses of the degradation of the planet will keep growing .

8- Develop a global partnership for development :
Develop an open financial and comercial system based in non-discriminatory standars.
- The Oficial Aid to Development decreased in 25% on the past 15 years.
- The international tariff barrier costs the "non-develop" countries 100.000 dollars a year.

So, WHERE ARE WE GOING? Its already seven years since they signed, but as we can see nothing is happenning, or at least not enough.

What do you think? Should we seat and wait? Cry?,..

Pd: sorry about the translation, but is kind of hard to translate this kind of concepts, at least for me. The information given under each objective is taken from a spanish website called "pobreza 0". That is an international movement that is doing pressure to the goverments to act.

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