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Posted:Hey all. The weather is finally cracking here, and while it can't make up it's mind between winter or summer, we have some really nice days finally. So I have been going out walking. There is this great park near here with this sprawling trail, so I try to walk it at least everyday, if not every other. You know, the speed walky thing for fitness (I save my strolls for walking with loved ones). Anyway...I made it today.

2 miles in less than 30 minutes!

Now, I know that this may not be exciting for most of you but it is HUGE for me concidering that half a year ago I thought I was going to die if I walked the length of two small houses on the sidewalk out front, and it took me 20 minutes to do that! My breath capacity is growing and my strength is returning, along with my stamina and endurance.
I ended my walk with such an ENORMOUS smile today, I am sure the people who passed me must've thought I was a little touched in the head (well, I am but that is beside the point!).

I also want to thank everyone (Maelstrom, Cass, Lightning, Cantus, Charles, Flash Fire, etc...)who has been so supportive not only after my accident but these past 8 months of recovery. I have been a total nutjob and borderline manic half the time. Thank you for understanding and putting up with me anyway!

Most especially my heartfelt eternal gratitude goes out to Malcolm and family, Djinn and Prometheus for all you have done, I only hope someday that I can offer back to you the love and support you have given me. And to PWB there really are no words.
You all have made this much easier that it could've been. When I get down I hear you in my head pushing me on!
to all


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Posted:That's awesome, Pele! Hooray for you!


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Posted:Good for you Pele. When I read "A Season In Hell" I was so inspired by the way you perceived the accident as something that made you stronger in the long run. Thank you for sharing with us.
Go girl!

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Posted:Wow ! your got a strong heart.

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Posted:Yes, Pele, but you're OUR nutjob and borderline manic, and we love you for it. So don't you ever change!

-Mike )'(
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Posted:These updates are inspiring Pele, I'm glad you're really starting to feel better! Your Perseverance is a positive example to all of us.

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Posted:Awwww, shucks...

Right back atcha, babe!

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Posted:Congrats, Pele!

Keep it up.


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