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Location: Southampton
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2001
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Posted:What things does everyone around here do every day to help their health, mind (anything really)working well?

I can't say there's anything I do everyday but lots of things I do when I can like meditating. It'd be interesting to learn a few things that you do every day so that maybe I can learn to do the same.

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the henna lady
Location: WNY, USA
Member Since: 15th Dec 2000
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Posted:Walk, and I mean to go for a walk pointedly outside, not because you have to get from room to room and the rolley chair doesn't work on the carpet!
Listen to music.
I try to dance or spin, etc.
I hug someone I love, and tell them that I love them. I don't know about them, but it makes me feel really good!
I do deep breathing exercises everyday, not only because I have to but it really does feel good.
And, I stretch. Be it yoga, basic stretch, whatever, it just feels good.
And most of these I don't have to make time for at all!

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Location: Southampton
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2001
Total posts: 382
Posted:I'm definitely going to try to do some stretching and breathing exercises from now on, sounds really worthwhile and easily done.

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words...


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Location: sitting on the step
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Posted:i either go to the beach and chill, somethin about the sound, smell and the wind it jus clears my mind. also really cool to go down on a very windy day, when it almost knocks you off your feet, very exillerating(sorry can't spell!) also singing very loudly even if you sound bloody awful!

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fluffy napalm fairy

Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Brum / Dorset / Fairy Land
Member Since: 12th Dec 2001
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Posted:I stretch and do control exercises every morning and night. Helps my tummy and my mind

I speak on the phone to Cantus - who is the most calming influence in my life at the moment - especially with exam stress.

I walk to school and back from town, instead of getting the bus. Sometimes quickly and powerfully, other times I wander and sit in one of the fields on the way for a while. It all depends on the weather and my mood

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Location: Auckland
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Posted:I give my wife at least one hug and one decent kiss everyday.

Sometimes I even runa cross the room to deliver them...

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Location: Cheshire
Member Since: 10th Mar 2003
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Posted:i ermm...and i...

nah i walk...abit! Should really try to do something...im so unfit at the moment! I used to do loads of sport...but i got into a lazy teenager!

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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Posted:absolutly, totally and utterly sod all....except for spin..


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Location: Seattle, WA
Member Since: 14th Dec 2002
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Posted:stretch, spin, n love

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Location: Berkshire, UK
Member Since: 2nd Apr 2003
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Posted:I got into lazy teenager mode... its affectin me coursework @ the mo... but my ass is tight... hurraay!


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Member Since: 20th Dec 2001
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Posted:get up scratch my nads and make sure i aint got that testicular cancer crap... hug and kiss my gurl then spend all day spinning and juggling... damn i love these kinds of day jobs.
oh i gotta eat too so put that in there at random parts of my schedual.


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Location: Freemantle, Western Australia
Member Since: 27th Dec 2001
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Posted:..spin, meditate, spin, dance, spin, yoga, spin, sing, spin, hang out in HoP, spin, write, spin, sew, spin.. did I mention spin?? XXoo

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