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Posted:ok, so who's heard of the tesco's "computers for schools" and "sports equipment for schools" promotions that tesco's has been running??

for those that don't know TESCO is the UK's largest supermarket chain ad the promotion is........ that if you spend so much money they give you a voucher that you can drop off at your local school for them to collect and send off for a new computer.

sounds ok dosen't it???

the fact is, each voucher is only worth 0.001pence eek

something as cheap as a football in tesco's sports stuff for schools promotion in fact costs 2000 and a new computer, as basic as you can get will cost 250.000 eek

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Posted:Council rejects Tesco off licence cool

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Posted:This is what happened recently when they tried to build a huge store in the town I live in:

There's good campaign tips there too, for anyone opposing a planning application by Tesco.

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