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Posted:I dont know whether anybody knows that there is also a computer virus going around takin advantage of peoples fears of SARS. If anyone does get it then avoid the attachment.

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Posted:Will do so...Of course if I'm sent anything I look to see who it is from, if it doesnt have a friends name on it I delete it.

My friends also know that if they send me stuff to have a code word in the subject area.

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Posted:even better advice is avoid all attachments except pictures, movies and other non executeable things. I love my friends (most of them anyway), but i don't trust any of them to know the difference between a harmless fun executable they found and a trojan. Plus because of the way email works all attachments will use 33% more bandwidth/time to send/recieve, so giving a repuatable download site for things is preferable anyway. Following this practice i've never had a significant virus/trojan in 7 years from using email.


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