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Forums > Videos > German poi youngster playing since 10 months

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Posted:Hi i wanted to share a video with you, i play poi since 10 months and i want to know your opinion. Here's the link:
Enjoy! smile


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Posted:For 10 months, pretty damn good smile

Can see a lot of Nick W's influence in there - no bad thing at all.

One piece of advice I would offer would be make sure your long-arm stuff is neater - really straighten your arms.

Overall though, I'd personally like to see more speed variation and mix the planes up a bit more - but yeah, for 10 months, damn good

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Posted:Yeah thanks!
Maybe i should say that i never was on a convention or something like that. 99% of my time i had to spin alone and i never met a poi spinner who was realy experienced.
Thanks for the tips, i will respect them.



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Posted:you make me look like poo. wink

Like Durbs said, there is a lot of Nicks influence present, and that is really good, he has inspired us all or most of us for so many years.

I really like your style, there was a real good mixture of more traditional (what i call it) moves, basic to intermediate type stuff mixed with all this new age fandangle influenced my Spherc Matt.. which again is not a bad thing (just not my cup of tea).

To say that you have never met any one that can do poi on a decent level in person, plus that you only started 10 months ago... you must be sore all over from 24 hour days practising, square eyes from watching so many videos to take that much inspiration to be that good in 10 months.

hug nice video (use a tripod ; next time is my advise) ) and i look forward to seeing more from you in the future.



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Posted:wow, pretty good vid for 10 months!
you can clean up some stuff here and there but it looks great! keep on spinning!


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Posted:Ok... Except speed variation and cleaning up some of the moves, you've done an outstanding job reaching this level in merely ten months. Extrodinary, actually. Judging by the music, you don't happen to be a raver are you?

I was just thinking, because somehow, your rythm to the music is spot on. However, even for me ( a raver at heart ), it becomes almost annoying to hear this tone through the entire video, and I think it's connected to your speed changes as well, so next thing you do, should be finding proper ( to you ) spinning music. I have a huge problem with this myself, but I find a few good ones, from time to time.

Keep up the excellent work, and don't forget to have fun! smile


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Posted:I can see Durbishness as well (Durbishly yers) wink

Talented stuff

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Posted:Oh man you all make me go red! smile
Maybe the music does not fit entirely because i only deletet the original tone of the vid and put this song at his place. If you want so i am a raver yes, at least i love goa trance.
Thanks for all the flowers and the constructive criticism. The conditions i had for this video were really bad, it was windy, it had no time and no music. But i'm looking forward to make another one in near future. I hope you understand my english ^^



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Posted:'Nothin wrong with Goa trance ( I love the stuff ).

And of course your gonna make a new video! =) I'll be waiting for sure. biggrin

Your english is fine. Perhapbs not as great as your poi, but definietly fine wink



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Posted:Hey man, there is nothing wrong with goa or any of the electronic music! I think it happens to go good with the poi, if you know the song and can dance to it wit hthe poi! Other than that, 10 months of spinning, pretty damn good if you ask me.


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