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Fire By Riz tm

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Posted:this topic was inspired by Flynt

:: quotes Flynt's post::: """" My question is WHY?? these ppl that i have the priviledge to spin with are amazingly talented, and so beautiful to watch. Why do we get caught up in the technicality of what can only be described as a simply magnificent form of dance/art. By the very nature of what we do, defining it by technicalites is almost an insult!""""

This passage got me really thinking that and the fact the main fire "dancer" for my show
came back from a two week vacation and she had turned into a raver(nothing against ravers that just isnt our style) what happened is she became so overwhelmed by pulling off the hard moves she forgot that she was suppossed to be dancing and enhancing her dance with the flame.
To me that is the beauty of it all I have seen so many spinners with tons of talent doing moves I only dream about just stand there and spin.or use the fancy spinning to cover up they have two left feet.

I like to term myself and our show as fire dancers and performers.Even know I am not the best dancer around or spinner I do simple moves that enhance the dance when I am in that zone that is were I find peace with the flame.

I dont feel either style dancer or spinner is bad right or worng but a matter of what the one holding the poi or whatever else they are using

just a thought or maybe I am way to bored

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the henna lady
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Posted:Hey FBR....I would like to say (speaking in the context of performing here) that I also see this as one of the largest differences between a true performer/entertainer and a spinner. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a spinner at all. We all start out there I think. But spinners do not move with the poi, and if they try to move it really appears more forced and less of an extension of their natural self.

But, a performer is the one who realizes that from the audience perspective it is just circles of light, and that a 5 beat is no different from a 3 beat in thier eyes at all. And standing there doing one hard move after another is not entertaining.
However, if you can do a small number of moves and do them well enough to really flow, and feel comfortable enough to play with your body, with the audience, with your environment outside of those moves, then that is true showmanship and the earmark of a real performer.
Now, off the stage, I like to attempt stupid things as well as the next one, just because.
I think the key is to know what to put into a show and what not to put into a show.
Just because I can do a 5 beat does not mean I will put it in a show. 3 beat is easier, smoother, cleaner, less apt to go wrong and from the outside, looks pretty much the same.

Circles of light only capture the audience attention for so long (and usually a couple of minutes), and after that, it is all up to the performer to hold their attention and make it worth while.
At least that is how I feel! (and in my long winded way agree with you! )

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Posted:NEAT! i've inspired someone!

i think it comes down to the question i asked in the other thread. are you an athlete or an artist? although i guess here the question is more, are you a performer or just fooling around...

i'm sure we all act like monkeys in our spare time, but when it comes to performance, theres a level of professionalism that comes into play. I'd like to think that its more than that, and the performer is just as enthralled as the audience is.....

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