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Posted:Mid email conversation with a friend today, I told him he was amazing at poi, his response, "amazing? i cant even do reverse weave!"

It got me thinking. I have quite a FEW friends that define their skill/talent by the number or type of tricks they can do.

My question is WHY?? these ppl that i have the priviledge to spin with are amazingly talented, and so beautiful to watch. Why do we get caught up in the technicality of what can only be described as a simply magnificent form of dance/art. By the very nature of what we do, defining it by technicalites is almost an insult!

I cant remember when i stopped caring about how many moves i could do, or that i cant do anything behind the back, or that i dont know what hyperloops are..... I just know that i have a LOT more fun spinning now. Dont get me wrong. I'm not knocking those who do spin from a purely technical point of veiw. I know there are people who really enjoy that!

how do you define YOUR talent?? I used to say that the way i danced was just me "Trying not to trip over". Now i just say thanks whenever i'm complimented on it, because i know that its an important part of the way I spin.

Bring on the people who cant do "tricks"! I say they have the world in their hands, because they are not hampered by it as we are!

Note: edit for spelling. (i know, i didnt get all the mistakes...)

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Posted:i define my talent on a number of things...of course what tricks i can do is a thing that cant be escaped as i am relatively new...but no one else around me that i know can do this...i feel rather talented that i have managed to learn something that isnt 'popular'or able to be learnt anywhere i go
talent is not about the difficulty but for me i feel talent revolves around your ability to do ANYTHING well...whether it be as simple as a 3BW or as complex as a BTB 7BW or something similar

Its like that saying or something...Procrastination is the ability to look busy while doing nothing at all...that is talent

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Posted:Exactly... if there were more ppl around me I wouldnt look so good... I spin wenever I feel like it, particularly outside my local, pub club... I am now known as spinny girl , and they acknowledge me as good but I dont possess the skill n talent of knowing loads of ace moves. I'll freestyle things a bit and I tend to get the Ooo aahhsss as you define it btu I know I am no where near as good as some other people.




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Posted:Yeah, we're back to the "Just do the weave fast" arguement.

Also, If you have more or larger wicks you are better. Don't get me wrong, some of the best spinners I know use crazy large wicks but sometimes they get more props for the size of the wick than the spinning itself. I know I get more props when I use bigger wicks.

So to get back on topic:
People who spin faster with larger wicks are more talented. Just ask any crowd.

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Posted:Micky D- I love your quote!!!
have you ever been to mexico cos I recon thats where the best of em live! (no offence to anyone, I'm mexican meself!)
I know a ton of people who excel at procrastinating (even more than i do!)

Cheers Pele&NYC...
I will now try to learn to spin at lightspeed!!!

PS spinning is fun for me whatever (spec regardless of the audience, they make me nervous!), but I find learning new moves amazingly satisfying and thus am tempted by the technical side. I do however admit that I get a bit bored at night after a couple of burns of doing the "same old moves"...

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