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Posted:i found that after an discution with peach:

if you want to make antispin/spin flower (ASS) without rythm chaos:
- you choice a number of AS beat =n
- you take your beat S beat => n-2

it's possible with all numbers smile

please enjoy smile


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Posted:Are you talking about goofy flowers? Ie 1 hand antispun and one hand not?

Haven't mastered these yet, but I see how the theory works. I'd add that the beats should be counted as the poi go past your arm at each point, not in the standard way (when the poi reach the bottom of the circle). That way you don't need to adjust the number of beats for each poi, only the speed.

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Posted:i have nothing useful to contribute as I think this topic has been discussed in-depth before.

I would, however, like to be the first to say:

huhhh huh huhhh huuuhh huh, you said ass.

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Posted:ubblol ubblol

where is the censure.....?


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