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Posted:right..when i was in germany last wednesday...i accidentally found the greatest shop on God's green giblet geranium giant gay earth..

It was called the Nutelleria...

it soild nothing but nutella products....

crepes, wraps, hot chocolate, doughnuts, croisants, everything!!

it was amazing...!

so when igo back to frankfurt...i shall be in there..

i think i managed to go in 3 times in one day!!

all hail...NUTELLA!

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They are nice though

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you are nice woman.




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Posted:bwa ha ha a imagine the *evil* nutella sugar rushes from dining out at that shop!!
oh fear the nougat spread!

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Posted:hmmmmmmmm nutela, i blame it for making me chubby!!

i'll draw you a picture ill draw it with a twist ill draw it with a razorblade ill draw it on my wrist and if i do it right a red fountain will appear washing away my sorrow washing away my fear



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Posted:Frankly I thought gnutella were cheeky to rip off the nutella name in the first place, I'm with Ferrero on this one.

I like Nutella, not just because it's chocolatey, but also because I now have more glasses than I know what to do with. Shame on other manufacturers for selling their produce in screw top jars instead of nutella-style glasses.

I am a bit worried that I get through about 1 jar of nutella a week.

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