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Posted:Does anyone know anything about Pythagorus? I had not even heard his name once since high school maths, but in the last week, his name has popped up four times in different ways. All I know is that he is also known for numerology.

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Posted:As far as I know no one knows much about him because there were next to no records kept during that era.


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Posted:All I know of him is his two fundamental maths theori. He was the original mathematics bad boy.


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Posted:I just remember A squared + B squared = C squared.

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Posted:Mr.Phyt is also known as the founding father of music theory...Cause he made a scientific system of different key-tones by cutting metalsticks (metal bars) in thirds witch leads to a new key or tone....harmonic to the scale ofcourse.....
what he found out in this prosess is that you have 12 basic key's and nr 13 that is not harmonic to the scale.......the 13 note was not counted since the religious community did think it was 'in harmony with God's creation' .....

Bach then later came up with how we tune all the keys so we can play them all on the same instrument.....Every time you listen to a sang....It's all possible because of Bach....

Mr.Phyt also had one of the great mathematical mysteries....but I cant remeber how it went....

he was a busy busy man figuring all that out

There is also a roumor that he used to smoke weed....that might explain the creativity

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Posted:He was also a well known Philospher of Archemedian proportions. He was looked at as an outcast, was believed to have a mental disorder which allowed him not only the personal space to do his work, but also the genius line to develop them on. (There is a theory/study that those who qualify as genius' actually suffer from some form of mental "issues", not just social).

LOL...my uni Mathematical Theory prof used his sons stuffed bunnies as a physical representation of the Pythagorean theorum. So, the name is associated with bunnies for me the way that Pavolov is associated with dogs!

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Posted:there's a whole chapter on the guy in a book i read a while ago (that sounds really geeky doesn't it?).

He's a bit of a mythical character and there seems to be a lot of contradictory stuff written about him.

Apparently he was strict vegetarian and once said "As long as men massacre animals, they will kill eachother. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and

But then again i read that him and his followers once sacrified a lamb, so who knows

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Posted:Sounds like all the vegetarians who wear leather shoes!



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:and the vegans who eat fish

actually if you're just a normal vegetarian you can use leather.


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Posted:It started when he discovered that halving a length of a lyre (guitar) string produced a note one octave higher, and that all harmonies represented ratios of whole numbers, he then extended this notion of harmonies to ALL things.

He explored the geometry of perfect solids, discovered the theorem that still bears his name, and developed systematic, deductive reasoning, which is the basis for our Scientific Method.

But as it was said, he did walk the fine line between genius and lunacy. His advances in mathmatics led him to overvalue the power of numbers to the point that he believed everything was ruled by numbers. He also formed a Pythagorean Order, with a set of complex and seemingly arbitary taboos which included abstaining from beans, never eat from a full loaf of bread, never sit on a quart measure.

But a member of the order was banished after he revealed their most closely guarded secret: The hypotenuse of a right triangle could not be written as a ratio of whole numbers.

I'll take Plato any day

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