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Posted:hey guys and gals

as many of you know i started a film blog on myspace

and im bored so i thought i'd put some of them up here aswell

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nate Blakemores Film 2007

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thought that as all i do now is watch a shed load of movies day in and day out that i'd put it to use, to tell people what i personally found to be stunning films, and what films to avoid.

today i have watched

Children Of Men

this film is set in 2027 in a chaotic world where humans have lost the ability to procreate, the last baby being born 18 years ago.

as i understood it Britain is one of the only countries to still have a govournment in power and is one of the least chaotic of the nations.

the story follows a guy by the name of fealow (god knows how you spell that) and one day he's captured by activists and taken to a person in power. he is then asked of a favour, transit papers for some woman to get accross the border safely.

he gets in contact with her blah blah blah and basically she's pregnent.

i wont spoil this FANTASTIC movie for you anymore than that

i am personally giving this movie a spankin' 8.5/10 nate humps

i'll update todays blogg if i watch any more films today, which i will be doing

ok so i come back to edit what i hhad written earlier to make it more indepth but myspaz is shite and i really cant be arsed

so i'll just say i watched one of my fav films earlier

Oldboy (2003)

Directed by Park Chan Wook

Basically this guy gets imprisoned on his daughters birthday and kept imprisoned for 15 years while he's in prison he gets framed for the murder of his to be him, one day he's released without reason or explanation of the whole thing. he then meets this girl, when he faints in her eatery ( i love that word ) she then ends up taking him back to her place, eventually he finds out who's responsible for his imprisonment, and the guy gives him five days to put the puzzle together or he'll kill the girl. so 5 days of vengeance later there's and some truly amazing twist and you have one censored up but brilliant korean film!

9.5/10 nate humps

if you havent seen this film i really really strongly advise you to go and buy it.

its got lots of nice juicy violence and alot of cringaliscious scenes which are truly disgustingly horrible (for me anyway)

but if you want a censored amazing storyline, brilliant new cinematography ideas, heaps of character development and generally amazingly entertaining piece of pie for afters, i recommend this film

Friday, January 26, 2007

Manchurian candidate

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

starring denzel washington

Meryl Streep

American is the word for this film, very very american

1991 golf war, soldiers are taken to an island brainwashed and hipnotised. they also have probes implanted, that can monitor and effect behavior patterns

to cover up this three day period in which all this is happening a story ismade up that the plattoon is ambushed by the enemy and that one guy saves them all. sometime 10ish years later i'm guessing, the elections are going on and one of the men who has a more up date chip implanted in him is running for vice president and gets it, so whoever controls the chip has control of the usa

BORING is the word for this film. i found the storyline not to be engaging in the slightest, the acting for the most part was bad, and the characters werent believable. i dont really know what else it was, but there was something very wrong with this movie. it might be that it sort of felt like total recall in some weird way

4/10 nate humps

Sunday, January 28, 2007

21 Grams

21 Grams (2003)

Sean Penn

Naomi Watts

Danny huston

this amazing story is of three people all connected through one fatal accident, one terminally ill man, who gets the heart of one of the victims, one greaving mother who's husband and two daughters are killed in the accident, and the guy who ran them over, a convict who'd converted himself to christianity.

the type of storytelling here is similar to that of Momento in that it jumps all over ther place which keeps you thinking as the acting keeps you engrossed, all the time you're getting new pieces of this fantastic puzzle.

was going to say more, but forgot cus my brain sucks

ah well

8/10 humps of the nate variety, buy this film

the director

Alejandro Gonz..lez I....rritu

has also done such greats as Ameros Peros

and coming to cinema now which i HIGHLY recomend seeing is Babel...

i think that'll do for now biggrin

i also would love to read some of your reviews, please take into account these arent meant to be fully blown empire magazine type reviews, jsut a little guide to the films i love like and hate ubblol

I like Languages.

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