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I haven't got a clue how to spin poi. I have read through tutorials, looked closely at videos, and I just can't imitate. I'm not even spinning a single poi right, I don't understand what motion my wrist should be doing or where my hands should be positioned.

Furthermore I can't even get a good grip on the poi because the loops are too huge for my fingers frown It's all very exasperating. Is it far more simple than I think or am I missing something entirely?

I am sick already of achieving nothing but a ball bouncing off my head and a ton of bruises.

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I've only be spinning a month but I've learned that you have to be brave- don't fear the poi! And also I found that if you obsessively try to do a particular move for 1-3 days you'll have it mastered before long.

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for some moves, that does work. But I also find that if I continue at a more difficult move incessantly, my frustration level also rises. Sometimes it really does help to set that move aside and come back to it later.

For basic weaving, I actually found a simple staff/stick/broom handle worked to help me visualize how I needed to position my wrists. Im actually using that technique now to prep my behind the back weaves.

You hold the staff with your hands close together and then slowly rotate in the desired direction, trying to aim the ends of the staff to a point close to your shoulders.

be sure to also notice where BOTH ends of the staff are going so you know which way both wrists are bending.

oh, and dont do that with buzzsaws. wink redface

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that sounds like good advice, maybe i'll try that with the foward btb weave

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Try rope skipping! Same movement of the wrists and crossovers plus it gets you fit!

hm, pinecones, my favourits!

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Learning t0o spin the poi behind your back is actually more difficuilt than people give it credit for, because you can't see the poi and Your body naturally want to pull them back to the front of you (usually resulting in smacking you in the arse or face).
start with butterfly combinations and weaves first and then above the head behind the back is easier from over the head moves and it gets your arms used to working behind you.
D.V.D'S are good too "Sage behind the flame" has alot or neat tricks that aren't that difficuilt.



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