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Posted:been here for 7 months, met three spinners, only one lives here, and we're not compatible poi pals(Major age, attitude differences)...looking for patient poi pals, adventurous souls, and open minded individuals....
is there anyone out there? Nearby? I'll drive to Victoria, and all points north

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Posted:err hello wave .. you might need to clarify where you actually live if you want to meet others.


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Posted:All points North is pretty widespread and probably includes you lovely Brisveganites.

Open minded..hmm....does it count if thoughts fall out constantly

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Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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Posted:hmmm, B.C. ? You probably want to change the title of the thread to let people know you're looking for folks on the west coast of Canada. wink
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Posted:Yep...BC......You may want to try tracking Natasha and the Poi Pixies for lessons, but for some reason her website's been down for months. Starting in may, we hold weekly fire jams in Beacon Hill Park and everyone's welcome to attend, regardless if you want to spin fire or problems getting someone to show you some your way around a set of poi.

I'll pm you with our website.

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