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Posted:This is a video of my second time ever swinging poi. Is it impressive...not really, but I plan to make more as I progress. it's the crawl before I walk point. I have a background in Filipino Martial Arts, so the motions are not foreign.

Video Here.

P.S. If the video is still processing, check back in a little while.

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Posted:keep it up and your well on your way to being a flaming poi maestro

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Posted:kewl vid dude... keep on keeping on wink


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Posted:You got the basics down alright, good work!

Keep working on turning, and transitions, and in short you'll be doing your first fire spin... I'm sure. Also, if you haven't already, find friends who also spin poi. ubbrollsmile

Cheers, keep us updated on any new videos wink


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Posted:nice job with the basics...
whose play room were you in bounce

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Posted:More than I could do on my second time spinning Poi smile Keep up the good work mate!


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Posted:The play room was in my girlfriend's childhood home. We had just come back from a ren faire where I bought the poi in the video. I like the feel of the motions, very similar to the stick fighting techniques I already know. I'm working on being a little more mobile with it, and transitioning to various moves. It's a lot of fun, and a nice challenge.


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