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Posted:hey all, i have a question about kevlar cloth/thread.

i went out shopping last night to get materials to build my first fire staff. figured might as well get used to it before i light up, eh?

well all in all i couldnt find any kevlar cloth. it turns out i can get kevlar string/thread from my uni.

would this be ok if i just used it to weave into a cloth that i can then use as wicks?

i dont see why it wouldnt be ok. but is there something im unaware of? thanks smile

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Posted:Order Kevlar from the HOP shop is my suggestion.


You can do "backstrap" or inkle weaving fairly simply but its heaps of effort.

One of our locals does all of his own wicks with kevlar string. He swears by it for his performance toys.

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Posted:You can get actual kevlar cloth from a few places online. It's used to make things like heatproof sleeves and gloves for mechanics. Twill weave is probably best... smile

If it's just for a staff tho, like Gnor said -- look for "kevlar wick" not cloth. The stuff here on HoP is top quality.

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Posted:BUT... Be aware that Kevalr comes in all sorts of forms, and most of it is not suitable for wicks.

EG 'pure' kevlar, is like thin strands of very strong dental floss, its very waxy and shiny, barely absorbs liquid at all and even when woven, the weave falls apart very easily with minimal abrasion.

It's like comparing a cotton muslin cloth with cotton denim. Same raw material, but almost the opposite in characteristics.

I made this mistake a long time ago and the kevlar was useless...

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