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Posted:Ok, here is my try to contribute something new for people to play with. Well... I honestly don't know how new this concept is. But I hope it's fairly untouched yet.

Most spinners use their own body as turning point. As an example when you turn a weave to a reverse weave, you turn your body. However that's not neccessary at all. You can actually change the Center of turning from your body, to somewhere else. Such as the actual Poi move. So your moving your body around the move. This can open up possebileties for a complete new array of how to view and experiment with moves. Right now I'm trying to continsiously walk 360 degrees around a weave. Very difficult I might add... Keeping the center of turning at the weave. I think some might referr to this as the Pivot of turnig. I hope you get the idea anyhow.

Remember that this concept can apply to almost any move. Enjoy playing with it! And if you find something cool, do share =)

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Posted:oooo, i likes this. i had tried it before with a staff. no spins on it though, just holding it horisontal and running around it looks weird and makes for a comical touch.

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