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Posted:weavesmiley anyone going to the juggling festival? also would love to meet traditional poi dancers.


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Location: Australia
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Posted:I really want to go, I am in Christchurch though, so I have no idea how I would get there.. or of the costs involved.. may yet see me there wink

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Posted:just hitchhike.
you will make it, but book the fery on the phone in advance.
it's 50 $ to get in.
i'm in picton now, getting on the fery on feb 19th 1:15 PM. hoping to find a lift from wellington. see you there:)

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Posted:Im floatong from Picton to Welli early on the 21st and driving up to the festy on the 22nd - if you want a lift please PM me
I shall PM you with my Tel Nom too

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