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  Posted: Do you have an addictive personality?
If so, how does it come out?
How do you control it, if you do at all?

I have a terribly addictive personality. I've known it since I was little. When I start something "new", I become obsessed with it and find it hard to walk away. It used to be to the point of almost tunnel vision obsession but I have learned, thanks to Noah (kids don't wait) to really keep it in check. When I was younger I did express it in unhealthy ways. I have always fought to stay away from things that I know will be permanently damaging, have addictive properties/reactions (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) and now I limit my times. For example, when I practice something I am really into, I limit my time and *really* stick to it instead of being lost in it. I read books but will take time between them instead of ignoring the world and just devouring book after book. I will also do things that are not in anyway reactive like listen to a song over and over (when I am alone, so I don't drive others nuts). I also will only play games with a timely end. Video games are like crack so I avoid those, though I don't find them particularly fascinating, but I don't seek one out that I might either. I do play solitaire, that has a clear end. I'll play it until I win, and once I win, put it down.

I'm curious about how bad it is for others and how you handle/express it.

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  Posted:Tom, based on that sorry, I'm sure you could find someone to agree that your HoPing is indeed an addiction because it caused you harm. Really it sounds more like an excuse than anything, but what do I know, I wasn't there.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a good example of trading one "addiction" for another. A friend of mine was a hard core alcoholic for years and he turned to AA to get himself clean. Now, he's been sober for 18 years but still goes to meetings almost every night, and is a gambling addict to boot. Interestingly his gambling "addiction isn't causing him harm because he only gambles what he can afford to loose, however he is willing to minimise his lifestyle in order to devote more of his resources to gambling.

I totally agree with the it's not the drug, but the personality idea,,at least in the case of weed.



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