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DuncGOLD Member
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Hello everyone and welcome to PLAY FESTIVAL 2007!!

Please forgive me for the lack of info, I have no computer to use and it'll be a few weeks more until I'm able to update it more often. I'll come back and put more up as and when I can.

Hopefully most of this info you'll have gotten from our newsletter, if not sign up to it on the website now!

We had a wonderful 5 days last year and can only say that 2007 will be even better!

Thanks to everyone who came last year and who gave us feedback on what they thought of the festival, we've taken all comments on board and hope we can make the festival one that you'll enjoy even more than the last.

The dates for this years festival will be Wednesday 25th - Sunday 29th July and we will be at the same venue, Fordhall Farm in Market Drayton, Shropshire. The tickets will be £35 in advance and £40 on the door, that will include most workshops, 4 nights camping, the shows and other entertainments during the festival

We have lots planned for this years festival, more areas to play in with the emphasis on getting everyone involved, we will have a proper go at the world record after last years attempt didn't go so well (although it does look awesome on video!!!) and of course the usual abundance of workshops to keep you all busy in the day.

We'll have two stages this year, the main stage/tent and and nice little caberet tent, a solar powered cinema, a PROPER bar & food tent and a few more folks selling the stuff you want to buy (even if you don't realise it yet! heheh)

New for this year will be the PLAY HOP Amateur Performance of the year. It's a little competition we've come up with that can be entered by anyone for any type of performance. No more than 4 minutes long with a cash prize for the winner and the chance to feature on the next PLAY DVD. As you might guess from the title the event is sponsored by (who have proudly given us the prizes for our games over the last two years). More details will follow soon...

The DVD of last years festival will be out at some point, probably exactly at the time we plan it to come out wink Focusing more on spreading knowledge to learn the arts than the last DVD and we're sure it'll knock your socks off!

If you want to contact us about anything please email us at one of the following addresses:

If anyone wants specific footage from last years festival please wait until after the DVD is out, Strugz & co are busy enough editing the full thing to start making cuts for people! Thanks smile

As my internet access is sporadic at best till my pc is up and running, I might not be able to reply to email straight away, if you want to talk to me about anything call me on 07814 018091 and if you don't get an answer LEAVE A VOICEMAIL!

Keep checking the website for the latest information and we'll send out newsletters as often as we can.

hugs & smiles

Dunc hug

Let's relight this forum ubblove

LizzybethLizzy hearts sunshine hoop
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 Written by: Poiboy

I always plan on sleeping in the big top to get many many pegs, and then forget about it frown

i didnt plan it. i just played too hard and then it just sort of happened smile

whats this about there being no play this year?? confused it was the friendliest festival i have ever been too, and maybe the most fun even with all the rain smile

if i could be a busy busy bee...

_Poiboy_PLATINUM Member
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indeed, best festival ever. so... end of February eh?

SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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*looks at the calender* Hmmm *looks at Rob*

*considers giving Rob the Junglies until he talks*

*gets distracted by chocolate*

*offers Rob Chocolate as a bribe*

Feed me Chocolate!!! Feed me NOW!

BansheeCatBRONZE Member
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Are you guys serious about there not being a Play festival this year? What?! No way. Yeesh. I am supposed to meet a friend there. How am I going to do that if ya dont even have the festival?!

"God *was* my co-pilot, but then we crashed, and I had to eat him..."

sichaineyBRONZE Member
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It would be a shame if it doesnt happen... but there is always Southern Lights the month before....all is not lost my friend

jo_rhymesSILVER Member
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rolleyes ubbrollsmile ubbangel I'm not saying nuffink ubbangel redface biggrin ubbrollsmile

Hoppers are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

PinkNigelPinker than thou
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Jo, you tease!!

A wise man once said: "You have two ears and one mouth, therefore you should shut the censored up and listen" (though, to be fair, he might not've put it _quite_ like that..)

bluecatgeek, level 1
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i was at a convention.


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