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Posted:Hey y'all, i just got home from spinning at a park near my house. What's cool about this park is that there's really long stretches of old stone wall about 3 ft high stretching out into the fields and whatnot. I discovered today that its really fun to jump along them while twirling poi. Anyone else spin anywhere unusual? What's your favorite spot?

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Posted:I like spinning out on the edge of a long dock at a friends house on the lake. Not really that odd, but it's neat. Roofs are fun, but kinda bad for getting dizzy on
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Posted:Are there any places that aren't neat places to spin? ;-)My streamer poi go with me just about everywhere with me these days...My fire gear basically lives in my truck...There was a while where I was really pushing my luck with fire: upscale suburbian shopping malls, open parks downtown, etc. Fortunately we only got busted once. It was no big deal, the cops just asked us to leave, but we've been keeping the fire under wraps recently.But the *best* place to spin is with your friends. To my knowledge there were no spinners in Baltimore prior to September 2000, aside from the odd glowsticks at raves, and certainly no fire. Justin and Kathleen (Protozoa) started independantly about that time, and in late december Kathleen made it her mission to teach poi to all her friends.That's how I got started. ;-) Since then we've grown to about 30 people, about 15 of which are regulars, and about 10 of us work with fire. Kathleen is still the major teacher and recruiter and I'm the local construction guru.When I was in SF back in February I had a chance to join in on one of their Spin Jams which completely blew me away. There were about 30 ppl in a dance studio with blacklights, a disco ball, and a few DJs. It totally took me back to the rave scene circa 1992-1993. Since then, we've been working on something similar back here in Baltimore. We've been having our own spin jams about twice a month in a friend's loft/studio, and just recently we've started "spinicnics" where we gather at 4pm for a cookout, do streamers and teach the newbies until dark, and then light up when the sun goes down.To make things even better, we found the most *perfect* park, and while the cops have not seen us yet with fire, they were cool with us staying after dark.In any case, if you live in the mid-atlantic (US) area, you should come out an join us! Details can be found on our website at (No, it's not pretty, but we're working on it, mmmmkay?)If you don't live in the area, BWI is a major hub for Southwest airlines. ;-) No, seriously, if you are the only person in your area that spins poi, you should consider sharing your skills and getting your own group together. Having friends to spin with is far more fun than just performing for them. Trust me on this one...-p.


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