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Posted:you've all got a mate called dave. Its a proven fact.


Freestyle Walking. its fun and amusing.

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Ying ton iddle i po
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Posted:i know a dave. we call him dodgy dave tho...for unexplained reasons.

PS: i am new and somewhat....lost? (not really the right word but i cannot find another). anyone want to say hello?


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Posted:umm..ok =) 'hello!'
no, seriously: a happy hug-filled welcome to the third Kat(well, only the second with a k) to HoP!! =)
-Cat (with a c)

I only know one dave. i dont like him..but no germans are called dave, alot like those french. so can we expand it to daniel? weve got alot of those..

It aint broke...It just lacks large amounts of duct-tape!



Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:that jennifer thing.....god YES!

i had a MAJOR crush on a girl who used to be in my class at primary school...jennifer charles...she lives in canada now coincidentally and i sometimes chat to her on msn...i chat to her brother more...who conincidentally is called jenni...no..wait...its jonathan...same as mine..


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Posted:So, thinking this through logically (as if I knew how) - if you are having difficulties with your love life, then changing your name to Jennifer by deedpoll would be the way to go?

Reporter to Ghandi: What do you think of western civilisation? Ghandi: I think it would be a very good idea.


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