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Posted:Just wanted to wish all the Jews on the board a Good Pesach.

Of course, in my family, our "seder" consisted of take-out Chinese food and my mom sent me home with a bag of bagels and a banana bread.

Actually, technically, by Sefardic rules, the Chinese dinner was Kosher for Passover since there was no grain (just rice) and legumes are OK (ergo the tofu was OK). Well, except for the Shrimp sub-gum chow-mein. That probably wasn't OK.

Let's just say that we're about as lax as they come on the whole religion thing. Sometimes, I wonder why we even bother...

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Posted:Religious times are the only times my family actually do family time.. I'm so not religious, but still get together with my family (when the are in the same country that is...)for these occasions..

I'm not Jewish but good Pesach to you and your family.. its a chance to get together and just be.. and mmmmm banana bread! yum yum.. It's Easter this weekend - we normally all get together and have sunday lunch and little pressies - we can't do that this year, parents are abroad and grandparents are away -it's wierd I used to hate going, but now I miss it..still I suppose it'll give me the opertunaty to get to know my neurotic sister a bit better..

.. and pardon my ignorance but what is it? (sorry)

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Posted:HAG SAMEAH !!!!

a few years ago I was reading the haggadah in hebrew... now I seem to have frgotten oh so much

some say it is like riding a bicycle, but they never tried to ride backwards, did they ?

shine on, don t overeat matzot, tis pretty dry, you know ?

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Posted:hehe should i sing the manish tannah

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