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Erm, right. Been having a bit of a play today with my staff and a pair of nunchucks. I can't be the first one to give this a try. (Guessing Robnunchucks/Ninjarob has given it a go?) Anyone got anything to share on this subject?

Quick link to a terrible webcam vid for illustration purposes:

Joe x

DarkFyreBRONZE Member
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I've never used nun chuks before but i've just built a triple handled nun chuk thing.

OH DEAR this could be a steep learning curve!

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EnryoPLATINUM Member
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I've been spinning fire-chucks for about 2 years now, all i can say is that 1 set is the way to go, seems like there are more moves and it prevents confusion with poi. As for spinning with a staff I tried, but to no avail. Just couldn't find great nough variety of moves to make a good burn. Let me know if you find some good ones.

Bek66Future Mrs Pogo
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I would beat myself silly if I tried swinging my chuks and a staff at the same time!!! Having said...of course now I'm gonna have to try!!!

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cj-chucklesBRONZE Member
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dnt hit ur head!

robnunchucksBRONZE Member
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it can definatly be done the easyist way to get started is to do double staff moves but with a pair of nunchucks instead of one of the staffs. this is acutaly supriseingly easy

the problem comes when you try do moves with the nunchucks that can't be done with a staff as i often find you just end up trying to do them with a staff

its definatly posible but its abit of a pat your stomach while rubing your head kinda thing.

My nunchucks vital statictics biggrin

weight: 500g
handle lenght: 16 inches
chain length: 2 inches

Patting your head and rubbing your stomach thing is easy. Start one first, then let the other come in. I've tried chuck staffing once for about 10 mins, and managed to hit myself in the balls 6 times... Yeah, my voice is much higher now...

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