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Posted:So, I'm Chelsea. I'm 14 and I've recently been really interesting in poi and fire twirling. I've watched videos, read articles, looked at pictures, and it's something I would really like to get into. I've actually made my own practice poi and have only been immitating moves I see online for a few days now. I just don't know where to start! I'm in South Jersey and I doubt there is anywhere close that teaches things like this.

So any advice? Or things I should know?

Thanks for your help and time. <3

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Posted:You could post in the meet others threads or do a serch in meet others and see who is close.

Post in your intro and others to have some fun. Its a big and mostly friendly community.

Welcome hug hug hug hug

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Posted:just play, watch videos for inspiration and do whatever feels nice smile

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Posted:HoP have a nice selection of "teach yourself" DvDs to purchase. biggrin

From absolute beginner to advanced spinner.


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Posted:Thanks, guys. My mother is ordering me some videos today! =D



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Posted:There's also a load of free vids here


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Posted:The best bit of advice i can give is to join your local juggling socity/club and then experse yourself its an art form

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Posted:Well until these videos come (if you haven't already) you can start with the 3 beat weave and the butterfly. And of course spinning the poi in both directions (forwards/backwards)and parallel to your body (which means not hitting you after a few spins). Then try to turn your body 180 degrees and the direction of the poi from forwards to backwards and vice versa. You can also spin them with different timing.
The videos will be a big help, keep visiting HoP to ask any questions (after performing the search function and not having found what you're looking for tongue). The "free lessons" section of HoP is really helpfull.
The most important thing is practise and imagination. Don't worry after a while you'll have everything figured out!
So welcome hug

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