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linden rathen
linden rathen

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Posted:ok this is an upcoming show that im taking part in, its put on every year by the UCL juggling society, balls!, normally i wouldnt plug this here but it should be a good evening and im sure a lot of you will know a few people taking part (probably me, nat (tinypixie), or tommy (Irinus) ) the money is going to a good cause so it would be awesome if people could come along so heres the blurb......

the event: balls for balls! is balls! annual show. its a showcase of our skills so includes poi, hoop, diabolo, staff, club juggling, CJ and all sorts of stuff. The event is to raise money for the orchard trust which supports reseach into testicular cancer.

the venue: the garage theatre just off gordon street central london - nearest tube station is euston square with warren street and euston also with in 5 minutes walk. a map is here
the garage theatre sits on the small alley linking taviton street and gordon street just south of endsliegh gardens.

when: balls for balls is running from Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd of march at 7.30pm tickets are 3 on the door - arrive early to avoid dispointment (they go quick)

hope to see you there -if you think you can come please post so that we can know who to expect and say hi on the evening (if you ask really nicely we may even give out contact details so you can find us - unfortunatly as we will all be taking part we wont be able to come and find people)


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Posted:bumpety-bump! it's this week smile

<runs off to practice some more>

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Posted:Balls! 4 Balls - First night tonight!!!

Hey guys, here's your final reminder smile So no excuses spank

Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7.30.

Here's a map


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Posted:Link the poster... biggrin

I think it looks okayish but the artist was a kn*bhead... wink

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Posted:Yayyyy I'm looking forward to seeing this on Saturday night with Mr Coleman smile

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Posted:Can't make any of these due to prior engagments but good luck guys, hope it all goes well!

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Posted:Oh my God - first night generally went really really welll.... I can't believe it!

And it was a complete sell out - we had to turn quite a few people away.....

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Posted:well done guys! wish I could come and support you in person, but unfortunately I can't afford the ticket to the UK and back! Good luck got the next performances! hug

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Posted:I have to say, I think one of the reasons we sold out was the wonderful publicity. There's a rubbish copy of the poster here, and I'll try to get a better copy up there soon smile

Oh, and your name's on the programme dave biggrin


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Posted:Yes Dave! everyone has been telling me how amazing the poster is! smile and it's true. IT IS BRILLIANT! oh, and the show isn't bad either wink