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Posted:Is there any such thing?

I mean we have certainly seen male spinners using Poi over the extent to merely use them as an excuse to wiggle their backsides and instead of wearing lingerie wink and as far as I heard there are female spinners out there, who can play with (double) sticks and are confident in there femalehood wink

But we (recently) had the question here: Are Poi for girls only? umm ubblol rolleyes

Therefore my question to you: Is there any toy at all that can be attached to a certain sex(ual behaviour)?

Enjoy biggrin

... errm should I attach a poll to this? I mean I could now list every individual toy and ask: "for girls, or for boys (only)... whatya reckon?" *ponders*

The fast version:

(Fire/ Acrylic) Balls



Devil Sticks






Staff (doubles)


In alphabetical order, please feel free to spank me if I forgot one - you have indications?

[edit] umm thanx for the spank - how on earth could I forget fans and acryllics (sic) ubbloco redface

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Posted:yup biggrin

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