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Posted: smileHi folks! smile

Heres the details of the next Beginners Poi Spinning courses. Updates are also available at Places are limited so book early. You can bring your own poi, or borrow or buy poi at your first class!

weavesmileyBeginners Poi Courses
Mon: (Camden Town) 7:30 - 9:30pm. Starts 26th February
Tues: (Elephant & Castle) 7:30 - 9:30pm. Starts 27th February
Courses run for 6 weeks and are priced at 75 (concs avail).
Exact directions to the venue are provided once you have booked a place.

biggrinThe Beginners course will teach you about thirty basic moves and how to put them all together so that you can flow from one to the other. Starting at the very beginning with how to hold your poi, we swiftly go on to moves such as reels, tuck turns, the weave, the backwards weave, the windmill, the butterfly and the fountain. (If you can do all of these moves already contact me regarding the Intermediate course). We will also explore basic concepts such as turns, follow time, linking moves together, and opposite directions, allowing you to begin to invent and explore your own moves and style. The course culminates in a show, so we will also work on choreography and presentation. Expect to work hard but have a good laugh with the others!

coolYour teacher will be Dave Knox.
Dave Knox has performed for the past few years as part of the internationally reknowned fire troupe 'FlameOz', earning himself the respect and admiration of performers worldwide. He brings the same energy, humor and enthusiasm to his teaching, and has been teaching fire arts for many years - at one time running his own popular staff spinning course in London.

ubbrollsmileTo reserve a place contact michal or Dave at or 07922884363

Well, I look forward to hearing from you.

See you soon!

Michal Kahn

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Posted:Hi there,

I'm teaching these ones... they're loads of fun and really good for people who want to learn new moves and really get an understanding of how to "put it all together".

Spaces are filling up tho....

smile dave



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I'm not sure whether I'd be a begginer or not. I seem to be somewhere in the middle. I can do basic turns, the butterfly, weave, windmill, thread the needle, backwards butterfly (very dodgily) and a few other basics but am totally pants at putting them all together into any smooth flow and am not sure I'd cope with intermediate. Also I'm on holiday in March so would miss week 4 - how much would this matter. Would there be other courses coming up?

Mmmm need guidance!! confused
Thanks clap

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Posted:If you can do some basic 'tricks' but still think of them as separate 'tricks', without flow or your own creativity in thre: Do the course. No question about it. smile

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Posted:Thanks for replying to that one Gabe smile

Sezzies signed up and it's filling up fast so contact me really soonif you're interested in this course.

Nice one!




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Posted:coupla spaces left...

starts this mon/tues!



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