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Posted: Strugz is a shy guy, generally not entirely sober at all times, thoughtful and devoted. He's currently single, and yes, desperate.

This is not a joke.

Strugz obviously is good with the stick, but he's not gay, he wants a girl. (Guys: he's not too smart, he probably won't notice if you dress up as a girl.)

Strugz lives in the deep south of england, and if you live there and are available this weekend, all the better. he's in his late 20's, but his grin makes him look young again. He has managed to feed himself and keep himself clean for the past few years, and he has a job, so he can at least vaguely look after himself, and has the money to look after you. In other words, he's a bit of a stoner.

He probably doesn't have the strength of will to stop a women trying to dominate him, nor the strength of personality to overcome any prospective shy girl with his opinions.

Pm strugz if you find him interesting.

Remember, this is not a joke, strugz REALLY is desperate.

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Posted:FLICK 'EM!

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Posted: Written by: strugz


only Heinze biggrin

cos beanz meanz heinze biggrin


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Posted:lick em, don't flick em!! spank

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