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Posted: Hi there
I am very new at Poi, but going over with the Scouts to the UK in the middle of the year and have to do a display and want to do one with light pois. Is there anyone in Christchurch who is wanting to do some Poi teaching or knows of any classes? I am self taught with a bit of help from my daughter and at the stage that I have learnt some basic moves but dont know if I am doing them right or wrong and want some help.

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Posted:matt TheWibbler is currently in christchurch, i think, and one of the best spinners in the world.

send him a private message, or PM me for his up to date email address

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Posted:Failing that, it might be worth asking Malcolm if he knows of anyone smile


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Posted:Wow, i just noticed this, thanks for the linky bluecat.

I'm always up for teaching Poi wink

i'll pm you


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