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Member Since: 10th Oct 2005
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Posted:Decided to clean up a bit ( all other videos are scattered on the thread anyhow I think... )

Something completely new:

So here's another video from me, nothing special, just an ordinary living room spin:

Thank you for being such a wonderful community! ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Dug it. It all went well with the music. Uncomplicated without being simple, nice flow. Whats the thing you start off with and end with? How're you getting the heads to catch so easily? Is it just a tangle right near the end or have you got some piece of equip interlocking those heads?



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Posted:love the JFF video. what do you do at time 3.40 to tangle them together and stay like that?


Member Since: 10th Oct 2005
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Posted:Well... it's like half a knot, the way that rolled, cylindrical heads with normal link and chain or Salza Isis wicks is the only ones that really welcome this type of "locking" the heads together.

More specifically that "lock" is splittime in wallplane, one poi pendel and comes back only to lock with the other poi that is on it's down stroke.

Locking my poi together is my specialty. It's difficult but you can do this from anywhere where your poi head meets. Unlocking, since it's only half a twist ( knot ) ish is very, very easy. On the other hand, knot-throws are a bit on the dangerous side because the strain on the chain is usually not enough to keep them together.

Thanks for the comment. Hopefully someday soon I'll have a video that is a worthy competitive update to that video ( which is by far my own fav one still ).

Cheers =)

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