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Location: mt morris, michigan, u.s.
Member Since: 30th Apr 2001
Total posts: 38
Posted:This summer, now that i can drive, im gonna take a few road trips, and go to some raves around the country...The only bad thing is, I DONT KNOW WHERE THAT MANY GOOD ONES GO ON AT!!! So this is whre i kinda need all you peoples help at...Where are you guys from, and do alot of raves go on there? I talked to n8, and he was telling me about what went on around his area, and it sounds so awesome..where im from, a new stop light is excited (yes i live in a boring town with nothing) So all help is appreciated
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Location: Tampa, Fl
Member Since: 28th Mar 2001
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Posted:Ill tell you what, I want to go to Twilo so bad on a Sasha & Digweed night... someone I know went to see Paul Van Dyk, but they said it was so crowded it wasnt that great. I can understand that. Twilo is in NY... I hear the cover on a S&D night is like 35 bucks. I live in Tampa though, so to me, there is absolutely shit down here, except the Winter Music Conference, which I missed...
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Location: Tampa, FL, USA
Member Since: 30th Apr 2001
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Posted:check out http://lucky.to/luvboardIt's
in Little Rock, AR..I hear they have a REALLY phat scene there..still on the upswing and it hasn't been corrupted as much by all the candy munchin wannabees'
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If you are interested in going to one of their raves, I have a friend there, I can get more info about their local scene/upcoming raves. Let me know if you want more info..------------------ [PLUR]-=Crazy Raver Dude=-


Location: Rochester, NY
Member Since: 7th Apr 2001
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Posted:You should think about going to the Detroit Electronic music festival on memorial day weekend. It's not a rave but it is three days of music, 30 some djs, and about a million people. Last year it was awesome.http://www.demf.org/Also, i noticed your from mt. morris. I'm in rochester, NY now, but when i'm not in college i live in fenton. It's always cool to find other spinners in the area, there certainly aren't enough of us. But anyway, if you do head out to the DEMF i'll be the guy with spikey hair twirling comets or glowsticks.

Location: NY, USA
Member Since: 10th Apr 2001
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Posted:Yeah, Matt, umm if you're in the Upstate NY area there are usually weekly stuff all the time. I know that there is a show in Syracuse on may 19th. Check out www.groovenet.organd www.cnyraves.comThat will give you info and dates for ANYTHING happening in the western/central NY and some of Ontario/Canada area. happy hunting.N8.------------------Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

Care of other people's approval and you become their prisoner.Live fully, Rave wholly.Fluid are the movements of my strings...

Posted:ah shit. that last post - wasnt my gf, it was me.the last post was from [Josh] not Katinca.All flames and related mail can be directed at;tell.someone@whocares.com
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Posted:now I'm really confused. I think I should close this browser
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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 30th Jan 2001
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Posted:Now i feel even more stupid telling her she should come along to byron now josh :/derr, i didnt put 2 and 2 together

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Posted:LOL - I thought you knew and you were playing along??
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)Cool - anyhoo.Josh

Location: Charlotte, NC
Member Since: 27th Apr 2001
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Posted:Hey all! Just in case you haven't heard, Moby will be touring with Paul Oakenfold, Nelly Furtado, Carl Cox, New Order, and Outkast. It won't be your typical rave but should have a good mix of peeps there. Check out the dates and locations at http://www.moby-online.com/
They are all outdoors shows so bring your gear.

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Location: New Paltz, NY, USA
Member Since: 13th Feb 2001
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Posted:for clubbing, NYC is the place to be. Unfortunately, Twilo just got shut down over the weekend, so that's a no go. But if it reopens in time, I'd recommend it. I saw PvD there and it was one of the best times I've ever had. twilo usually draws in a good assortment of very good dj's- PvD, Sasha, Digweed, Sven Vath, Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Junior Vasquez (resident, kinda pop-technoey)...i hear it's gotten pretty commercial now- a gift shop, among other things, and it is really expensive. also in the city, you've got the tunnel ( a cool place, but not many good dj's), limelight (good for lesser known but just as good dj's- AK1200 and the like), exit, vinyl, and the quarry...and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. these are all about 30-$35, and can get up to $50 depending on who's spinning. out this way, it's hard to go to any sort of party for less than $30. As for raves, city raves are a little sketchy and too drugged up (at least for my tastes). you might want to try some in albany or poughkeepsie.if anybody here wants to help out twilo's case (cuz it's a big load o CRAP!) go to twilo.com and find out what you can do to save a great place to party on a friday night.

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Location: Houston, Texas
Member Since: 13th Mar 2001
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Posted:If by any chance you head into Texas...Dallas, Austin and especially Houston has a rave almost every weekend.If you are in the Area, go to Texasbeatz.net, and you can get a list of all thats going on in the Lonestar state.We had the baddest ass rave last summer. Transit...excess of 9,000 people were there.Super'------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"- Willy Wonka

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Location: Oakdale Tn
Member Since: 7th Mar 2001
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Posted:Well for all of you ppl in the southeastern US there is gonna be a HUGE party in atlanta on july 11th. As many of you know Moby is going on a big multi genre tour called Area one. This tour is gonna hit atlanta and im here to tell you its gonna be great. Ive been to the venue and its off the hook... the line up is as follows: Nelly Furtado local dj'sThe Roots the inocatorsIncubus carl cxOutkast Rinocerose Moby carl coxPaul Oakenfold at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre tickets go on sale on 5/19/01www.areafestival.comhope to see lots of you there

Location: mt morris, michigan, u.s.
Member Since: 30th Apr 2001
Total posts: 38
Posted:Hey bob, my friend was telling me about the detroit festival thing, and me and him are definetly going...my aim name is phyzerium, so get in touch with me....maybe we could meet up or some crap while were therel8er

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