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I am a complete addict... I'm still reasonably new 2 HoP... so heres a conversation starter...

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lessee our team was comprised of Bitch, Penis, n Poopie

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Arsn a FF junkie as well?

He will be welcomed as a brother.

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Originally posted by Rev:
were you people not true freaks.. that was all the easy stuff.. the hard stuff was getting the master MAgic, summon, and command materia
Actually you got a set of Master Materia for beating Emerald Weapon. Then I made another Master Magic materia myself, never managed the Command or Summon ones though. And what did you get for beating Ruby Weapon?

A f#~king Gold Chocobo. You needed to have one already to have even got close to beating Ruby anyway. IT WASNT FAIR
[/nerdy rant]

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Originally posted by Simian:

A f#~king Gold Chocobo. You needed to have one already to have even got close to beating Ruby anyway. IT WASNT FAIR
[/nerdy rant]

Not true at all.. To beat Ruby Weapon easily you needed to NOT use Knights of the round... instead use quadramagic with master summons.. and mimic.. as long as you don't use knights of the round, then you are ok because he won't thwack your guys...

Also command materia only required mastering of some commands (which to longer to master then any of the others) and magic required you to find all the spells.. not really that hard, buit there are so many one chance to get materia that people missed out on.. EXPLORE... it's a world after all.. and they keep making the games easier everytime another one comes out..

The gold chocobos in my opinion were the biggest crock of shit.. It took so damn long to race each chocobo to a class (or s class) then breed.. and so forth from wonderful-blue-green-black-gold.. provided you got the right nut..

Red weapon gave you one of the 3 items that you had to take to the old man in the villiage near the first town. You get the desert rose.. I could be remembering wrong, because that was 5 years ago... but I doubt it..

Master materias was great but you needed at least 3 sets... one for each person.. then again that might just be my twink ass..

I also got all my characters to level 99.. + 3 sets of master materia.. + all the stuff gotten/killed.. and it took 93 hrs.. could probably cruise through it faster now though..

Does anyone else miss the fact that you used to be able to play 2 player (even though the second player could only do things during fights... ) It sucks when people watch but can't join in..

More useless information courtesy of Rev...
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I own every final fantasy out there even the entire anime series and classic cartriges for the original nintendo, completed all of them except the new origins game(ff1-2) which is cool

People say i'm crazy to like the games this much.



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