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Posted:wavehelloHello, I am looking to connect with new HOP friends while on vacation in June and July. My husband and I will be at a wedding in London the first of July and want to travel around for a few weeks. We don't have a set plan of where we will go yet, thinking about Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands???

Does anyone want to meet and play? weavesmiley

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Posted:In London Village there are the Clapham Meets, pretty regularly on Clapham Common. There is also Spitts meets and possibly a couple of other circus/spinny type things going on in and around london over the Summer.
Manchester has pretty Big meets about once a month and smaller meets a bit more regularly and things can be organised really quickly.
many other towns and cities right across the UK and Ireland have decent sized meets pretty consitantly over the summer. Full details of all of them can be found in the Events Ang Gaterings pages on HoP
Also if you are around June/July time you should keep an eye out for details on Play Festival for when and where it will be in 2007.
Netherlands have pertty big meets quite regularly in all major cities and I have heard there are fire spins in a couple of parks in Paris every Saturday night. I can find out more info on this if you want it through friends in Aus (french guys backpacking)
Luxembourg and Belgium I can't help withbut I'm sure if you look around the events and gatherings section and use the search feature you will find more info and people to contact smile

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Posted:For Irish HoPpers, see The All-Ireland Fire Community Thread, just introduce yourself there, and all of the Irish crew will keep you up to date with what's happening.

If you'll be in France, you might want to look at Uberparis in June.

Happy travels smile


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Posted:There's loads of jugglers in Brussels, namely in ESAC (ecole superieure des arts du cirque) and Catastrophe... Search google, that'll help you get in touch with people there.

Also, I highly recommend Switzerland ubbangel to any traveller. Such a beautiful country.

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Posted:well i'm from luxembourg but i have to tell u that i don't know any other spinners down here... im still hoping to find some though...

with a bit of luck ull find out more than i did till now wink



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Posted:Hello wave

If you come to the Netherlands, drop us a line here:

and I'm sure something can be arranged!

enjoy your travels,


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If your in the uk dont forget to go up north and see Liverpool (home of the beatles and much more), if you do let me know i can arange a discount on hotel rooms in southport (just 30 mins from liverpool 1hr from manchester and its on the sea front) we have great fire meets on the beach around that time of year.

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