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Posted:This is a question for those of you who play with more than one toy. I poi, hoop and cj and I'm finding it a bit of a challenge making time to work on everything with every toy I want to work on. My practices tend to go thusly: play with one thing, get bored, pick up another toy, get bored, pick up another toy. While my overall flow with each toy is improving, I'm not learning any new techniques and my practices feel a bit unfocused. So I'm curious, how do you other multi-toy players do it? And also I'm curious who out there also does some other kind of training/fitness regime i.e., lifting weights, yoga, etc. and how that fits into your practice.

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Posted:I have been to yoga classes, and there are some yoga stretches in our warmups, but not enough to make me think I should tick that too, the strength train/martial arts things a little ambiguous too smile

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Posted:I don't do martial arts, but I'm a western sword fighting style fan and enjoy dance, both of which I use skills used in poi or other toy manipulation... and vise versa biggrin

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Posted:Zum! Zum! Zum! Capoeira Mata Um!

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Posted:Spinning IS my fitness regime. I always warm up before a spin or juggle tho since ive hurt myself in the past through not.

In terms of multi prop progession, i wouldnt worry too much about not advancing particularly on one individual toy, it will come in time. I have found that i drift from one to another as my main thing depending on what interests me at any one moment generally being inspired by seeing somthing interesting at a meet or something.

My main love has always been contact staff but over the last year i have been putting most of my energies into juggling and poi and only recently coming back to contact. About a year ago i felt there was no new direction in contact i could see myself going so i took a break. Now there are new moves i want to work on ive come back to it and i think the break has done me good, a lot of stuff that wasnt so solid last year has kinda settled in making new stuff more possible.

I guess what im saying is just play with what feels right at the time, you'll get better when you want to just because its interesting enough to you to put in the practice time.

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Posted:Random aside...

The poll says 24 out of the 24 people who responded play with poi... and then gave it a 25% share. I understand why since it's 25% of all toys played with but it's still a bit strange.

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