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Posted:Was yesterday did anyone know about this???
I found out about it about 10 minutes ago!!!!
It was the first one and it was held at the Cottle and Austin Circus Big Top in Warrington.

Thought i would share this news paper artical with you all..............

A WORLD record knife throwing attempt came within an inches of disaster yesterday
-But ended as a fitting tribute to the first World circus day.
One knife ripped through the clothes of assistant Yana Rodinoff at the Cottle and Austin Circus Big Top in Warrington.
Knife thrower Jayde Hanson, 23, from Jersey, managed to throw 124 knives in 1 minute 41 seconds to set the new world record.
Knives rained through the air smashing into the board around the young Russian, who just minutes earlier had broken the world record for Hula Hoop twirling.
The circus day was to celebrate 235 years of the entertaining art and the record attempts demonstrated the incredible skills that performers are capable of.
One knife came so close to 22-year old Yana that it ripped the fabric of her costume and another hit the safety are just above her head.
Mr. hanson said: " It was not like anything i have ever done. When i perform, i throw 8 knives 3 times so to throw 120 in less than 2 minutes was exhausting."
Miss Rodinoff said "I've got a big whole in my costume where the knife got a bit close. But i did not get hurt.
"I'm just glad that i did the Hula Hoop record before the knife throwing as it was exhausting."
Miss Rodinoff managed to spin 95 hula Hoops simultaneously for 4.8 seconds.
Each Hula Hoop was regulation size and weight and they had to all spin for a total of 3 revolutions.
She broke the previous record of 83 Hula Hoop set in 1999. LOL
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How did she keep all dem hulla hoops going??

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Posted:It's all done with strings I've heard

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Posted:Wicked cool.
I never saw it announced on the circus board I am on, not that it is very active anyway! That makes me sad, not that I would have known what to do with it anyway!

Hmmmm...Wonder what other tricks broke records....

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Posted:Darn it... If I'dve known I woulda checked the nearest thing out.




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Posted:The guys knife throwing were doing it live breakfast TV (with Philip and Fern I think) ickle oopsie occured..- he left his assistant with a cut on her head live on national tv.. oops.. blood everywhere.. I think she's ok tho- but as you can imagine it upset quite a few viewers..

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