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The Winter Indoor Festival Feb 2007

Antiworld In Collaboration With HOMmega Productions Present:
The International Indoor Festival The Winter Edition!
Saturday 03 February 2007
@ The SEone London Bridge, 41-43 St. Thomas Street London Bridge SE1 - - Under The Magic Tunnels -
See Flyer & Booklet For This Event Here:
Online Tickets Available Here:

Eskimo / X-Noize / Ticon
Speedy J / Hybrid / Marco Bailey
K90 / Chris Liberator / Breakfastaz / Johannes Heil
V Tunes / Mark Sinclair / Timelock / Domestic!!!/ Dejavoo

Stage Hosted By:
Antiworld / Psygate / Teknoworld
HOMmega / Bne / Firefly / Escape From Samsara
Tweak & Bleep / Domo Records / Cloackwork Prism!!!

Main Stage:
Hosted By: Antiworld Vs HOMmega Productions & Bne Records Present: Full On Psychedelic Trance!!!
Eskimo (Live) Phantasm Records/Antiworld!
Domestic (Live) HOMmega Productions
X-Noize (Live) HOMmega Productions
Timelock (Live) Bne Records
Krunch (Live) Israel
Dejavoo (Live) Antiworld / Transient Records
M-Klome (Live) Antiworld
M-Theory (Live) Antiworld
SINEWAVE (Live) Alchemy Records Antiworld
Djs: Metaphase, Simo, Sutekh!

Second Stage:
Progressive Psychedelic Trance Stage:
Hosted By: Ear Peaks & Domo Records (Israel)!!
Ticon (Digital Structures/Sweden) Live!
V Tunes (Domo/Switzerland) Live!
DJ Nadi (Domo/Israel)
DJ Buju (Tupan/Israel)
DJ Sinan (Atlantis/UK)
Nic No Name (Frolic / Fairy Tales)

Third Stage:
Techno Stage Hosted By:
Firefly & Teknoworld:

Speedy J - Live (2Hour Set)
Johannes Heil Live - Cocoon
Marco Bailey - Ilovetechno
Thrash Jelly Firefly
Ross & Moon - Teknoworld
Julian Gas - Antiworld
A+E Project - Electro Set

Fourth Stage:
Breaks Hosted By Tweak & Bleep:
Hybrid - Distinctive Records
The Breakfastaz Against the Grain
Tweak&Bleep T&B
Youthful Implants Supatronix
DJ Acidic Acidic Sound System
Wax Equestrian Point Breakz
James Zaidi Erase Records
Chris Rudz T&B
DJ Wonka Wonka Vision

Awesome Funktion 1 Sound system
Projections and Visuals from Dub Davis
Cutting edge lighting and FX from DMT Systems

Fifth Stage:
Upliftinig Trance & Psychedelic Techno Hosted By Escape From Samsara:
K-90 Dj Set
Chris Liberator
Adam Lab4 (DJ Set Techno London)
Mark Sinclair
Tim Samsara
Darren Shambhala
Prozak (Antiworld)

Sixth Stage:
Chill Out Hosted By Clockwork Prism:
Escape From Samsara Residents:

Clockwork Prism Residents:
Mandy More

Antiworld Main Guest:
Dj Nova!

10.00pm till 10am

Tickets :
From November 23 to January 01 = 22.50 + Bf
From January 01 to February 01 27.50 + Bf
Contacts & Info-Tickets:
Online Tickets Available Here:
Antiworld Box Office: +442083658918
Enrico: +447940527867
Marina: +447793220710
Maria : +447813684399 , +442072882275

Antiworld In Collaboration With HOMmega Productions Present:
*The International Indoor Festival The Winter Edition: Saturday 3rd February *

After the incredible sell out session that had The Coronet rocking to its foundations, Antiworld is already building towards another huge party in one of Londons biggest venues. Starting the most exciting time yet for all involved, the sights now are set on the mammoth 070707 festival which is already one of the most talked about events happening next year. But before that Antiworld returns to the SEone Complex, one of the flagship venues over the last 4 years of outstanding parties, for the 15th and very last time and the final gathering under one roof too.

For those interested in some figures, how about this: The Winter Edition will have 5 rooms of music, 80 artists and 3000 clubbers descending upon the SEOne with music ranging from psy trance and progressive psychedelic techno through to hard trance, techno, acid techno, chill out and so much more.

Its a veritable brace of global music talent showcasing on February 3rd, bringing in the very best live acts and DJs around. The Main Stage is a mouth watering proposition bringing in simply the best psy trance acts on the planet today.

Eskimo Live is one of the biggest performances that exists and continues to devastate the biggest dance floors over the world. He is one of the biggest psy trance producers and performers and his music attracts listeners from so many other genres that it is almost impossible to label him from any scene. Theres a very warm welcome for Domestic, a veteran artists in the Israeli trance scene. His debut album, Art Making Machine, was one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2006 and released to great acclaim. Expect to hear some new tracks from this prolific and much respected artist.

X-noiZe are literally the hottest new prospect on the Psy-Trance scene at the moment. Hailing from Israel, the undisputed home of the genre and to many of the biggest Psy-Trance acts on the planet, Barak Argaman & Nadav Bonen have already gained themselves a reputation for their outstanding production, infectious grooves and hypnotic melodies which has earned them the respect of their peers and acquired them the appreciation of a global audience. Their debut album 'Mental notes' has been widely acclaimed as a breath of fresh air. Signed to the world renowned HOMmega label and management agency, X-noiZe are now busy touring the world and working hard in the studio on their 2nd album. These guys are not to be missed.

Theres also Russias incredible Timelock, the Israeli trio Krunch with support from Dejavoo,
One of the acts to watch for 2007.They will be joined by M-Klome, M-Theory, SINEWAVE and DJs Metaphase, Simo, Sutekh.

Over on the Progressive Psychedelic Techno Stage, headliners Ticon from Sweden are leading a massive lineup followed by V Tunes, DJ Nadi, DJ Buju, DJ Sinan, Off The Record and Nic No Name.

Firefly & Teknoworld look after the techno side of things with guests Speedy J (Live), Marco Bailey and Johannes Heil (Live) who will smashing out fierce beats all night long. Support comes from Trash Jelly, Ross & Moon and Julian Gas.

Legends Hybrid and Breakfastaz take over the Tweak and Bleep stage and this room will be rammed from the off.

And the Trance Stage, hosted by London legends Escape From Samsara, sees a seam bulging brace of talent including K-90 Dj Set, Chris Liberator, Adam Lab4, Mark Sinclair, Tim Samsara, Beamish, Darren Shambhala and Prozak.

This is one of the biggest lineups from Antiworld yet and sets in motion the count down to 070707. For anyone who cant wait until July, this is the perfect way to indulge in a little festival therapy and chase away the winter blues with a vast range of electronic music to choose from over 5 fantastic rooms.

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For those interested in some figures, how about this: The Winter Edition will have 5 rooms of music, 80 artists and 3000 clubbers descending upon the SEOne with music ranging from psy trance and progressive psychedelic techno through to hard trance, techno, acid techno, chill out and so much more.

ubblol sounds like you can have any music you want, so long as its tranceubblol

can anyonwe say 'hello drome?' confused

T wave

This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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I went to the Indoor Festival during the summer. That was quite a show! Antiworld have always been a sign of approval for me.

A little off-topic but are fire-spinning allowed for the 7/7/7 outdoor festival? If it is then I am definitely going!!! biggrin

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