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Posted:due to the wonderful medium theat is the internet, i have been able to download a silly ammount of beavis and butthead episodes....some of the lines they use are fantastic. take this example:

butthead: Um..why are we going to Stuarts house again?

Beavis: cos hes got diarea

both: huh, huh, hee, huh huh, dirarea, huh huh

it just cracked me up...mike judge (the creator) is a genius!

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Posted:"You gotta have stuff that sucks, to have stuff that's cool."
- Butt-head

"I am The Great Cornholio! I need TP for my Bunghole!"
- Beavis

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Posted:Nurse: "This cream is for skin irritation."
Butt-head: "ah ah ha... she said for skin."

"we got a beer"... "Hey baby"

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Posted:huh huh, huh huh, you said hole huh huh

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Posted:Butthead: Dammit Beavis, yer messing up my walk-a-wear!
Beavis: No way! Yer wrinkling my fresh gear!

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