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Posted:I sadly just hear on the radio that James Brown has died frown

R.I.P. Godfather of soul/sex machine


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I love james brown!!! I have most of his albums and a few of his records. Im going to go cry!

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Mr Majestik

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=\ R.I.P James brown, Grandfather of soul and funk.

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Posted:bye man, dont you think its about time, that i started coming your way, and peaple start coming mine...

rest in peace JB, and thank you.

T frown

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Posted:its horrible

my brother told me this morning

you just have to think of it as a new beginning for such an amazing person

i know he's gone to a better place

he'd written over 800 songs and was still going strong, personally i think thats absolutely amazing, he inspired so many. to me that has to be one of the best things to do in life

people say he inspired the ones who "created" rap and hip hop etc

truly a great man

rest in peace godfather of soul

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Posted:His crazy vital energy will be much missed! Man, I love his music, he can always get me up off my ass and shaking it.

James Brown is one of the greats who will truly live on through the gift of his music.


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Posted: Written by: BansheeCat

he can always get me up off my ass and shaking it.

Amen to that. The man taught me to dance and that's one of the greatest gifts to give.

One of the true greats


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Posted:eek meditate shrug RIP James, missing you already and may you re-incarnate soon, to deliver us more of your rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraw music biggrin wink

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Posted:James, a-get on up, get on the scene, like a zombie machine, then release loads more music where you just go "aaaaaarrrrrrr-arrrrrrr" and spawn a whole new wave of interest in your music.

Im going to miss you frown

RIP this this cool dude.


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Posted:frown RIP The Hardest-Working Man in Show Business


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Posted:A loss to the music world, but let's not forget he had a very dark side too...

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Getting to the other side smile


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Posted:frown wish I'd had the chance to see him live before he died. RIP James!!

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