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Forums > Meet Others > is anyone out there (by winchester hampshire england)

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Member Since: 12th Jul 2006
Total posts: 73
Posted:is anyone near winchester or in winchester???????????????????????????????????????????

Location: New Forest, UK
Member Since: 1st Dec 2005
Total posts: 11
Posted:not that near, but close - bournemouth

curiouser and curiouser....


Classically British
Location: Epsom, Surrey, England
Member Since: 23rd Sep 2001
Total posts: 5687
Posted:Guildford, Southampton...

I love the "Search" function they have on here (on the rest of the internet too I hear wink )

Burner of Toast
Spinner of poi
Slacker of enormous magnitude


marmite and nutella sandwich
Location: Farnborough, Hampshire
Member Since: 19th Jun 2006
Total posts: 1590
Posted:I'm in Farnborough, in Hampshire and i'm pretty sure thats not far away from winchester biggrin

THE hop Pyro.
(with parents)

Location: South of England
Member Since: 24th Jan 2008
Total posts: 12
Posted:hey, im in southampton, not far away at all, always looking for new people near by who spin, get in touch : )

Im small, i have long hair, blue eyes. i crack alot of jokes. I am ALWAYS up for trying new things ; ) I love clubbing, dancing and smoking. spliffs all round please?.... all round me!!


Lizzy hearts sunshine hoop
Location: midlands!
Member Since: 2nd Jul 2007
Total posts: 272
Posted:im in portsmouth with the juggling society, or in alton - so about 20 mins away!

if i could be a busy busy bee...


Momma Bear
Location: Telford, Shrops
Member Since: 10th Apr 2005
Total posts: 4525
Posted:I'm in Newbury which is fairly close to Winchester smile hug x

Hoppers are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

Location: bournemouth/dorset/uk
Member Since: 30th Nov 2004
Total posts: 242
Posted:Hey guys check out the Southern Lights festival as its right on your door step!! in Dorset


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