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FireByNiteSILVER Member
349 posts
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

here's one for all peolpe who love/hate modified cars and/or chick magnets
nullclick here

found it on a Subaru website

Are you up for it?

alien_oddity 7,193 posts
Location: in the trees

*giggles*ubblol nice find

BasstonesGOLD Member
Do you do the poiz?
530 posts
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Wow.... Got boost :O

"In the end there is only fire and a waterfall"

Rouge DragonBRONZE Member
Insert Champagne Here
13,215 posts
Location: without class distinction, Australia

ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

Rougie: but that's what I'm doing here
Arnwyn: what letting me adjust myself in your room?..don't you dare quote that on HoP...

faith enfireBRONZE Member
wandering thru the woods of WI
3,556 posts
Location: Wisconsin, USA

the comments are so mean about her

Nay, whatever comes one hour was sunlit and the most high gods may not make boast of any better thing than to have watched that hour as it passed

Dangerousmind66 90 posts

I totally saw something like that coming, though I thought maybe the bikini was gonna get sucked off or something. Ah well.

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