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These days I'm working in Vietnam, and surprisingly out here, western style Christmas is more or less shoved up your back side. Metaphorically speaking of course. Christmas trees and decorations, fake snow, people riding around on motorcycles dressed up as Santa, and more painful than anything else, Christmas music! "Now That's What I Call Really Bad Christmas Music! Vol. 69" set on repeat and playing in every single shop, office, hotel and restaurant. From Mariah Carey wailing that she wants a piece of you for Christmas to the latest Paul Oakenfold jingle bells remix, played over and over and over again. Any day now I'm expecting to walk out in the morning to find that they've dressed up all the statues of Ho Chi Minh in Santa Claus gear.

Thank god the world still has places like Nigeria left!

Nigerian Christmas without 'evil' Santas:
"There are no Christmas decorations, the radio stations are still playing hip-hop and rap and some children recoil at an image of Santa decrying it as evil."

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