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  Posted: I can't believe how we as a society are becomeing to anti social .

Example the other day a phoned the bank to get some details. After 5 mins or a stupid voice service they still couldn't help me.

Another time i phone up my gym to get some detials and the service girl said "did you look at our internet site ?" . Am i correct ?.

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  Posted:I think we are becomming more and more dissolusioned with 'strangers', but as far as our friends are concerned I would say no. As a general rule...the need for constant human contact with people we don't know is becomming unnecessary.

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  Posted:How does automated online business services constitute as anti-social?

If you asked if we spend more time online with friends than actually making the effort to go see them in person i'd know how I'd answer!

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  Posted:you go everywhere Dave wink and to be frank If I hadn't started on forums my friends would be few (now they are just Very far between ubblol like hastings, Wales, Scotland wink )

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  Posted:i thought this was going to be another "has HoP changed" kinda threads. nope, oh well. you may carry on without using the search function wink

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  Posted:in a lot of ways we have, the examples used are good, i like how on progressive sometimes you must use direct withdrawal and cannot go in or write a check

on the otherhand, now i find people a little friendlier because when you do come in contact with a person, you're all like cool i'm not the last person on earth

follow up question: does hop lead to antisocial behavior-why i ask is that i found hop and learned about Poi through all the lessons, when i get stuck i get on hop, etc, but if i didn't have this resource i may have had to coerce friends and start a group here

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  Posted:I find chip-and-pin means I'm less likely to actually TALK to the nice person on the checkout, and now I'm looking down at my little box, and he/she at theirs. You don't even get a 'Check the amount and sign, please'.

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  Posted:I think it all depends on the sort of person you are.
If i'm at the checkout I'll usually have a little chat with the cashier. When it comes to phoning up the bank, and you're talking to a robot, there's not a lot you can do!! Xx

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