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Posted:help Hey! Thank you so very much for clicking!! help

Alright, I have a little Christmas crisis! I was thinking of getting a special someone some wire wool and maybe a little poi-related plushie. The thing is, I don't know where to get any of this! What I need is some recommendations (ESPECIALLY for the plushie) and some tips on the best types of fire poi (I was thinking of wire wool because of personal reasons but I want to get the best). Anything you know will be of use. I'm sure you'd know the HoPer's name but, if he reads this, my plan is ruined! So please, help a little raver out if you can! smile

Thanks! A very merry christmas to you all!

Edit: I forgot to add this in but I'd like to know if there's any special needs for different types of poi (extra fuel, extra rope, etc..). He also mentioned "monkey fist" poi in terms to fire so... what is that? xD Thanks! That's all thankx

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Posted:monkey fist is a type of knot that forms a large (well depending on the rope thickness) ball of kevlar and makes really nice fire poi. I dont have any but a friend of mine got some from www.firetoys.co.uk that are pretty nice have a look at them. Also for the chain id personally recomend small chain link chain rather than ball chain (like bath plug chain but bigger) as it wraps up nicer. Just a matter of taste tho.
Wire wool poi are usually cages that you put wire wool into on chains and arnt really that great for practicing with, more for performance or showing off with. You cna tye wire wool around normal fire poi but its not as safe or as good. Would do for a ply tho. You can buy wire wool from pretty much any hardware store, the finer the grade the better.
Hope thats of some help.

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Posted:As stated above, wire wool type poi are usually home made and are always dangerous. A seriously wide birth is needed around anyone using them and googles and a hat should be worn. Wire wool poi seriously limit movement available as any moves that cross the body cannot be used as it would send sparks straight for the user.

If you are wanting fire poi with a seriously fancy effect, then you could always try some fire snakes, they look far more impressive than basic fire poi, and are a lot safer than wire wool.

Alternatively, you could just get some basic fire poi, tube core (lighter) or monkey fist (heavier, slightly longer burning), depending on thier taste of weight.

I would also recommend link chain over ball chain.

Hope that helps!

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Location: Florida
Member Since: 13th Aug 2006
Total posts: 5
Posted:Thank you both for the help! I've already ordered some monkey-fist heads and the link chains to go with it. It didn't come before Christmas, but I'm always late on everything any way. I appreciate the help and I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday smile

Thanks again!

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