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Hi all!

I'll be travelling over xmas/new years in Australia. Will be in Sydney, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach and Melbourne. Anyone know of some current gatherings for poi spinners?

Thanks in advance!

DentrassiGOLD Member
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Theres a few threads already on those - do a search and youll find them.

I know theres specific threads about Melbourne and Sydney meets, and another one about Sydney Juggling Convention which is near the end of January - check out the Events, Performances & Gatherings section of the board.

check out Arts Factory backpackers in byron - i dont know of anything regular there but theres always a few spinners around.

[Old link]is on xmas/new years, if you want to head up past brisbane - which will have heaps of twirly goodness.

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look out for drop bears!!

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