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Posted:Right folks,,

Road Trip taking part first week in July 2007.

7 days

7 cities

7 spinning meet ups

This will be the 2007 Road Trip UK, It will be taking part first week in July hopefully but dates could be changed. You need a tent and a ride..

This is only the first post to see how much attention it generates. Much more info will be posted later on as soon as details are confirmed.

They will be challanges and competions along the way, the route hasnt been planned fully as of yet but will cover England, Wales and Scotland hopefully!!!

So guys and gals anyone up for this?????

biggrin biggrin

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Posted:where do i sign up... ubbrollsmile ubbloco


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Posted:i need to sort my car out for this i should think but that means tests and getting round to buying one

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

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Posted:I'm up for that - and im part of an un-official juggling workshop, i'm sure everyone would like to come and quite a few might actually be able to. Keep us posted.


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Anything more been planned yet? Just want to keep up to date as my calender is filling up quite fast.

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Posted:Well, I'm no good at Poi, juggling etc yet, but I'm very tempted.

Plus I have a car ... a nice, big, comfy Omega .... sounds, room ... just a bit dodgy at the moment as I need to MOT it and fix the exhaust. Could be done by then ... ya never know ..........

And there'd be room. And I have holiday spare.

Hmmm ... the E_V_I_Lmobile may roll. Keep your eyes out for the personal plate bearing the number of the beast .... Mwah ! (Seriously, my number plate is J666TAK. Groovtastic.)

If I can get it sorted get ready to start battering those eyelashes at me - I'm a total sucker for it!

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