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*HyperLightBRONZE Member
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I just discovered the wonders of Facebook. I've found Stroo and Flameboy on there but I'm wondering if anyone else uses it? If not, go get on there now smile

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EpitomeOfNoviceGOLD Member
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I have a face page, make sure you tell me who you are if you decide to add.

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(All you RLers this is epitome_of_lame *waves hello*)

meshunderlayBRONZE Member
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SpinnerofDetroitGOLD Member
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I dont have a nice little url like you guys do... How did you do that?

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triptricianSILVER Member
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SoD you can change that information in the settings tab up the top tool bar...i havent used fb since it was last updated so not sure if it is still in the same spot

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MaurEzekielBRONZE Member
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Feel free to add me!

Zephyre PhoenixFamiliar stranger giving out popcorn. (formerly Ascilith)
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People can add me if they find me or PM me. I don't really want to just put my fb page on here lol

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