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Posted:I'm a jolly kinda girl and I love Chrimbo, getting pressies, wrapping them up nicely. I like baking mince pies and making loads of nice Christmassy food biggrin

What I HATE about Christmas is shopping in town for presents. There's LOADS of people, all in their own world, some of them with double pushchairs! ARGH!

It's not just the hideous crowds, it's the shops.

Christmas started in Newbury in late August! Before Halloween! it's stupid. Then there's the Christmas music from every shop. And the heat of the shops is unbearable.
It's freezing outside, so you layer on the clothes, you get in the shop and it's so hot you feel sick. Ugh.

Thank god for Amazon!!

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Posted:ye, bek... how about a nice hot and drunk aussie christmas? tongue

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Posted:I'd settle for just a hot xmas: there's no central heating in my flat!! *blue and shivery* frown

but we may get snow! biggrin

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Posted:hmmm, going to get a "White" this year. Cos you can't exactly have a "white christmas" somewhere it not celebrated!

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