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Posted:Has anybody else heard of the Dubai Fringe Festival? I got an email about "the launch of the 1st Fringe Festival in the
Middle East region which will be staged the regions entertainment and
commercial capital - Dubai."

And now I'm trying to find out more about it. I figure a first time fringe festival could be a bit random.



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Posted:Yes ive heard - im in discussions with them
Doesnt look like they have much...if any money...As usual!!!
PM me with what you need to know

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Posted:Something in Dubai without much money??!?! Sounds extremely fringe.

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Posted:any updates on any events in dubai or surrounding areas for spinners?

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Posted:Hey all give Firestorm a shout if ya wanna spin or something when ya in Dubai.



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Posted:Be very very careful when flying into Dubai, if you look vaguely like a hippie they will carefully search all of your bags/pockets and arrest you if they find any pot evenif its a crumb the size of a grain of sand. I am not exagerrating! They also have all legal rights to draw your blood based on reasonable suspicion, and if there's THC or any other substance illegal in Dubai found in your system than hope to god your agent has a good enough lawyer to pull you out of prison. This is not a rare occurance concerning performers flying into Dubai.

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